Simple, Fast, Low Cost Auto Enamel Rater



Sencon advantages

  • Fastest available, capable of 5 cans per minute
  • 24 can batch processed in 6 minutes (330ml/'211' cans)
  • Multi-size auto adjustment — 52mm ('202') to 73mm ('214'/'300')
  • Small footprint — allows installation in limited space
  • Reduced maintenance costs — no Windows PC or fill/empty pumps
  • Serial data reporting via RS232
  • 10 user configured preset tests 

Comprehensive Automatic Self Monitoring

  • ✅ Electrolyte condition check
  • ✅ Test head confirmation check with built-in test resistors
  • ✅ Can contact and electrolyte level check
  • ✅ Test voltage monitoring and compensation

Cabinet dimensions: (H) 1760mm, (W) 820mm, (D) 750mm Example conveyor length shown for 24 cans: 2330mm

Ideally designed for locating next to a palletizer, on mezzanines, or in the spray area


New, efficient can handling system

Simultaneous, multi-station fill, test, and empty operations were specially designed for this gauge to speed up throughput.

Reduced maintenance costs

Maintenance costs are kept to minimum because no Windows PC and no fill/empty pumps are used on this gauge

Simple To Use

Integrated touch screen with easy-to-follow user interface. Test data is sent via a serial cable (similar to Sencon's SI9100 manual gauge).

Reporting Data

Test data is output via RS232 serial data cable. This data format can be handled by most plant SPC systems. (A separate application - SX1000 Data Bridge - is available for plants that use .csv format).

High speed 

Test results are needed quickly on modern, high speed lines to allow rapid adjustment or immediate intervention. This gauge is the fastest on the market, processing a 24 can batch in only 6 minutes.


The PG5600 automatically processes cans of differing heights and diameters without any changes.

Small footprint 

The gauge's dimensions make it suitable for restricted spaces. The cabinet can even be split into two parts for installation on mezzanines or other tight spots, then reassembled once in place.