Can Body Light Testers



Sencon advantages

  • Improved reliability and stability
  • No degradation of sensitivity over time (single solid state electronic detector)
  • Reduced maintenance and running costs
  • Increased speed capability—3600cpm
  • Improved machine information
  • Fault diagnostic facilities
  • All kinds of cans accepted, including bottle cans
  • Easy set-up and operation

Sencon light testers, which are commonly supplied on all the latest neckers, provide high speed light detection of pinholes, split flanges and cracked domes. Rejection rates of 100% are achieved on cans with 0.002 inch (0.05 mm) pinholes. Cans are rejected by an air jet on the can guide controlled by Sencon's high speed solenoid driver technology. LED lighting offers low maintenance, high performance illumination and solid state sensors detect leaks using the latest silicon light detectors for robust and trouble free operation.

Fitted on latest OEM neckers and light testers worldwide


Updates for single detector can light testers

Analog photomultipliers are prone to degrade over time, requiring constant adjustment or regular replacement. Photomultipliers are found on some single detector light testers (such as Reynolds RT5 or RT6*). Sencon can replace them with a solid state electronics pack and a simplified lighting system. This delivers greater stability with equivalent detection levels and no need for regular adjustments as the light detector does not become less sensitive over time. Maintenance is minimized as lamp replacement and cleaning of the detector lens are the only scheduled tasks. Existing quartz-halogen systems can be upgraded with an LED lighting array and a more sophisticated detector system.

*Reynolds RT5 and RT6 trademarks are owned by the Stolle Machinery Company LLC

LED upgrade

High intensity halogen lamps, which are supplied as standard on older installations, have proved to be simple and reliable. However, LEDs are better matched to the sensitivity of the detectors than broad spectrum halogen light. Installing an LED lighting array improves the sensitivity of the system. Using solid state LED lighting should also reduce the frequency of maintenance required, further minimizing downtime.Built in reflectors ensure that illumination is evenly distributed around the can, removing any need for an infeed lamp. The LED lighting array is available in 3x3 or 3x4 configuration, which allows greater flexibility with different can sizes.

PLEASE NOTE:The LED upgrade requires the host ULTP system to be brought up to the latest specification. For most systems this represents a major overhaul. A range of options is available for the LED upgrade, depending on the system already installed. Contact Sencon for details.

"Flash Control™" for improved system efficiency

Sencon’s Flash Control™ is an ultra-high speed, closed loop feedback between the detectors and the illumination pack. If a damaged can or an empty pocket floods the system with light, Flash Control™ immediately switches off the illuminators to prevent the detectors from being blinded. This means the detectors don’t need to wait to recover before inspecting the next can.


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