Enamel Rater


Reduce measurement errors when checking lacquer integrity on cans and ends

An enamel rater is used to test for metal exposure by checking the integrity of coatings or lacquer on metal packaging. Sencon's SI9100 semi-automatic model is one of the most widely used gauges in the canmaking industry. It has advanced electronics and self-protection features, durable design plus practical operation that reduces enamel rating errors and ensures product quality.

Electrolyte FAQ: Our recommendation for electrolyte used in porosity testing/enamel rating is 1% Sodium Chloride solution. This is made by dissolving 10g salt in 1 liter of de-ionized water.

  • Quick, fail-safe semi-automatic operation
  • Multuiple self-test features
  • Flexible supervisor control options
  • Internal batch reporting
  • Multi-language interface
  • Durable design gives value for money

Built-in Reliability

Multiple self-test features ensure consistent enamel rating test conditions at all times:

  • Electrolyte level check
  • Body contact check with test interlock
  • Active voltage sensing at the probe tip
  • Automatic voltage compensation
Supported by a wide range of Sencon stands and adapters for many types of metal packaging.

Fast and Efficient

Auto-start and auto-save functions eliminate button pressing for faster enamel rating operation and more lacquer integrity tests.

Flexible Data Control

Optional screen blanking during the test cycle prevents operators bypassing cans with high mA readings before the result is recorded. Easily integrated with in-house data analysis software via user definable overload value.

Durable Design Gives Value for Money

Recessed connectors with strain protection prevent damage. Corrosion-proof polyurethane casing and waterproof fascia designed to withstand the factory environment allows operation in "hose down" areas.



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