Coating Thickness Probes

SI9650, SI9507+, SI9560

for accurate results with flat sheets, formed cans, narrow tubes and aerosols

If coating weight measurements suffer from a degree of variation, you have to err on the safe side when applying coatings in order to be sure that target weights are met. Therefore a percentage of unnecessary coating is always being applied. With reliable measurements from Sencon's coating thickness probes, the coating process can be brought under tighter control. Even a small reduction in coatings usage will quickly deliver a return on investment, saving money and raw materials.

HoverProbe (SI9650)

Sencon HoverprobeThe SI9650 Hoverprobe is used with the SI9600 Coating Thickness Gauge to test coating thickness on flat sheets with excellent R&R. At the press of a button the probe floats quickly and easily into position on a cushion of air, requiring minimal manual side force to move it to the desired location on the sheet. When the button is released, the Hoverprobe simply settles onto the sheet under its own fixed weight, thereby applying the same precise load to the probe tip for every test, giving highly reliable and repeatable readings.

Formed Can Probe (SI9507+)

formed can probeThe Formed Can Probe is used with the SI9600 Coating Thickness Gauge to test internal and external coating thickness on 2-piece Beverage cans. The scissor action jaws are opened manually against spring pressure. Guide rings along the probe arms help the operator to move the can to the correct positions for testing. When the jaws are released, the spring release action applies a consistent and known pressure for each test, avoiding the risk of operator variability and ensuring accurate and repeatable readings.

tube probe

Formed Tube/Aerosol Probe (SI9560)

The SI9560 is used with the SI9600 Coating Thickness Gauge to measure the internal and external coating thickness on aerosols or long tubes with very small diameter. Instead of having to cut the tubes open and use the time consuming weigh-strip-weigh method, you can obtain instant results about coating distribution inside formed tubes and aerosols in a non destructive and repeatable way with excellent R&R.

tube probe tips
Extra small probe heads on the Formed Tube / Aerosol Probe are designed to fit into tubes from 13.5 mm diameter and up to 220 mm long (internal sizes)
  • Benefits of SI9560
  • Thin, rigid carbon fiber arms for precise placement in narrow tubes
  • Very small measurement surfaces to cope with radial curvature of narrow tubes
  • High precision electronics to process the very small signals involved
  • Dead weight balance for careful, consistent probe tip pressure on delicate tube walls



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