Coating Thickness Gauge / Film Weight Gauge / Film Thickness Gauge


internal and external coatings thickness measurement (film thickness/ film weight) on beverage and food cans or coated sheets

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  • Accurate readings
  • Rapid, semi-automatic operation
  • Better operating efficiencies
  • Reduced lacquer consumption
  • Improved product quality
  • Lower spoilage

Accurate Readings

The gauge is first calibrated to a known coating sample of the type being tested. Comparative test readings are then highly accurate with excellent repeatability.

Semi-automatic Operation

Once calibrated, the operator only has to put the probe on the product in the test location. The SI9600 then automatically checks for stability, takes and displays the reading, and sends results via RS232 serial port.

Better Operating Efficiencies 

Rapid yet accurate operation reduces unproductive operator time and allows quicker machine setups.

Reduced lacquer consumption 

Exact calibration, improved accuracies, and precise film weight data leads to improved control and potentially lower film weight targets.

Improved Product Quality 

Reliable readings allow coating or spray equipment to be setup much closer to the required specifications.

Lower Spoilage 

Rapid operation allows more frequent tests at no additional cost. Problems and trends can be identified earlier, reducing spoilage.

probes for coating thickness gauge

A range of  coatings probes is available for use with flat sheets, formed cans, aerosols and tubes.



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