Multi End Enamel Rater



Sencon advantages

  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and durable
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Self-checking safety features
  • Multiple diameters catered for

High resolution electronics with advanced test monitoring features, in a rugged, waterproof casing designed to withstand frequent use and give maximum return on investment. The latest SI9208 MEER has recessed knife holder blocks that fit over the end curl for optimum stability of electrical contact while also making the unit safer to use. The design of the electrolyte chamber, hinges and locking mechanism promote contact stability and gauge durability. Rapid-fit connectors also reduce maintenance needs.

Allows you to check the lacquer integrity of 8 ends in a single pass


Multiple Diameters Catered For

Quick-change rubber seals allow rapid interchange of end sizes from 200 to 206. (Smaller sizes down to 113 and larger ends up to 209 are avaialble by special order). Seals for one end size are normally provided, other sizes can be bundled on request.

Easy to Use

Intuitive, icon-based interface and multi-language support.

Safe and Durable

Rugged, waterproof casing with specially recessed connectors designed to withstand the corrosive environment of the enamel rating test in the factory environment. The unit is fully CE compliant.


Technical Resource Documents (LOGIN REQUIRED)

Product Data Sheet

Electrolyte FAQ: Our recommendation for electrolyte used in porosity testing/enamel rating is 1% Sodium Chloride solution. This is made by putting 10g salt in 1 liter of de-ionized water.