Light Leak Tester for Easy Open Ends

ELTP - with QUASAR light detection


Sencon advantages

  • Trusted for 25 years across the industry
  • Reduce spoilage, HFI (Hold-For-Inspection), and rejects
  • Rapid detection of production issues
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Verifiable 1 micron sensitivity with false rejects better than 6-Sigma
  • Touch screen interface
  • Industry 4.0 connectivity

Sencon’s most advanced iteration of the End Light Leak Tester includes Quasar Light Detection™. The system is comprehensively equipped with the latest electronic and mechanical advances, doubling detection sensitivity to a verifiable 1 micron while maintaining false rejects better than 6 Sigma.

The worldwide market leader for on - press light leak testing in beverage and food end applications


Quasar Light Detection

Quasar heads are twice as sensitive as the previous detectors and 20 times better than the original ELTP light testers. With new internal processor electronics, improved vibration suppression, latest generation high performance sensors and new detector optics.

High Sensitivity

The latest ELTP detects 1-micron test holes in end panels. Real production leakers due to tears or pinholes in the panel, score, or chuck wall, as well as split rivets, are detected with a higher success rate than competitor systems. Clipped curl and compound blob defects are also detected if they are large enough to affect the light seal around the end. The system even detects some indirect light paths.

beverage and food ends

ELTP has been successfully installed on many types of beverage end conversion press worldwide and also on a variety of presses for food ends (contact Sencon for details). Dedicated systems have also been made for other sizes and non-round shapes according to customer specifications.

Upgrade options

Quasar detector heads, light sources and controllers are a drop-in physically fit. With 25 years of product iteration some older systems may require more work. Contact Sencon for a detailed review of your current installation.