SuperStand for outsize products

SI9015, SI9015-CRW


Sencon advantages

  • Preserve accuracy and repeatability during the test
  • Provide ease of use with outsize or non-standard metal packaging
  • Protect components and ensure longevity of the product

Ideally Suited for

  • Aerosol cans - both 3pc welded and monobloc
  • Bottle cans from 200ml to 440ml or larger
  • Large diameter welded cans
  • Low profile cans

Wide range of dimensions accepted

  • Height up to 320mm
  • Base rim diameter 15mm - 175mm
  • Neck diameter from 14.5mm

Crown Closure Adapter

The SI9015 Superstand is also available as a specially adapted model (SI9015-CRW) to accept Crown closures, which allows the internal coating on to be enamel rated. The base dome of a standard beverage or aerosol can, and the base rim of welded food can fits over the Crown adapter to touch the contact blades, which means that the SI9015-CRW can also be used as normal.

Used in combination with the SI9100 semiauto enamel rater

  • Height adjustable test probe and electrolyte probes for flexibility with the amount of probe inside the can and precise setting of the minimum electrolyte level
  • Corrosion proof materials used throughout for long product life in the harsh enamel rating environment
  • All electrics sealed and protected for long term accuracy and reliability
  • Easily replaceable link cables for easy and cost effective maintenance
  • Advanced electronic safeguards: e.g. voltage sensing at the probe tip with automatic voltage compensation for maximum test accuracy at all times
  • Teflon splash guard to reduce the risk of electrolyte bridging across the probes
  • Narrow gap between the level check and test probes allows small necked cans to be tested
  • Probe adjustment thumb wheel locks to maximize repeatability