• Complete profiling of the dome reform feature
  • Excellent repeatability (R&R)
  • Optimize tool setup
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance

The Dome Reform Gauge measures the dome reform feature on beverage cans with excellent R&RSystems that only measure a few points on the dome reform feature on beverage cans cannot give enough information to be sure that it has been reformed correctly all round.Sencon's SI6400 Dome Reform Gauge (DRG) carries out a continuous 360° scan of the dome, giving fully comprehensive data about the formation of the feature, revealing the true diameter of the reform groove and its height from the base of the stand and giving clear visualization of any eccentricity or anomalies which may have occurred. This allows the tooling to be adjusted to produce the best quality cans.

The Dome Reform Gauge scans the dome reform feature on bev cans in complete 360 degree detail

Tilt and Concentricity

The comprehensive data yielded by Sencon's 360° optical scan shows whether the reform groove is tilted in the horizontal plane and how concentric it is relative to the stand. This important information can be missed completely by systems that only use a few measurement points.

The system also displays the dome reform diameter at a user specified height to enable correlation of measurements to other gauging systems.

Capable of achieving excellent R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility), the gauge gives results that can be trusted. The DRG also automatically measures its own reference piece for every can tested, ensuring complete reliability.



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