Coatings Thickness / Film Thickness Gauge - optical (benchmark)


Semi-automatic gauge for measuring coatings thickness /film thickness on beverage cans

Also available in the "Master Series" FULLY AUTOMATIC GAUGE VERSION
  • Easily measures internal and external coatings
  • Matt and tactile, base coat over colored inks, BPA-free
  • Fully correlates to industry standard
  • 202 to 300 (52mm to 73mm) body diameter (ultra-rapid change rings)
  • Process Master™ software, as used on other Sencon gauges

No calibration samples needed

No operator influence on results, no need for calibration samples for each coating

Optical coatings measurement locations - optical measurement module

Measures more locations on the can

Using non-contact technology means more measurements can be made on locations on a beverage can such as the neck, plug, and dome areas.

The SI6700 Coatings Thickness Gauge-optical has been shown to be capable of measuring colored internal lacquers, external coating over colored inks, as well as matt, tactile, and BPA-free coatings.