Benchtop gauges for beverage cans

Benchmark Series

Ideal for the QA lab or shop floor

  • Compact, standalone benchtop units
  • Fast, semi-automatic operation
  • Multiple can sizes
  • Flexible configuration
  • Excellent R&R for better process control
  • Interlocked safety doors
  • Low maintenance, low running costs

The Benchmark Series is a uniquely comprehensive range of benchtop gauges for beverage can measurement, test and inspection. The gauges use the same advanced technologies as the fully automatic Master Series, making available Sencon's well-proven gauging solutions in compact, standalone units that are ideally suited to the quality assurance laboratory and other offline locations.

Fast, semi-automatic operation 

Procedures are defined and selected with Sencon's proprietary Process Master™ gauging software or via intuitive touch screen icons. The test is automatically carried out as soon as a can is loaded and the safety door closed.

Multiple can sizes

 The gauges all accept different can body and neck diameters and can heights, with either no change parts or quick-fit inserts (see individual pages for details).

can diameter adadpter
Quick-change, tool-free diameter change part

Flexible configuration

The gauges are highly configurable for test parameters, setting up of operator and supervisor presets, and for display and output of results.

Excellent R&R for better process control

 Reliable and consistent measurements from gauges with excellent R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) allow manufacturers to gain better control of thier process. Sencon has carefully researched and developed appropriate technologies for each test to deliver accuracy and efficiency in the beverage can making plant. The gauges are constantly self-monitoring and self-calibrating to ensure optimum performance at all times.

Integrated software interface

Front End Gauge, Back End Gauge, Coatings Gauge, and Dome Reform Gauge use the same Process Master software as the Mster Series auto gauges. The Axial Load and Buckle gauges have simple, icon-driven, touch screen interfaces.

Low maintenance, low running costs 

Each gauge is designed for low maintenance, eliminating wear parts where possible to reduce running costs and maximize durability.



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