Mixed Label Inspection

LVC180 Label Verifier

detects and rejects cans with incorrect labels on decorated can lines

  • Minimizes the risk of mixed label HFIs
  • Low false rejects
  • Detects major decoration defects
  • Easy to learn, easy to run
  • High performance / low cost
  • ‘Last Label Protection’ for maximum protection during batch changes
  • Compact design and small footprint for easy install with minimal disruption
  • Advanced user interface (optional) for remote operator monitoring

Label Verifier (LVC180) is a mixed label inspector designed to detect and reject rogue cans with incorrect or mixed labels on 2-piece (DWI) beverage can lines. This high performance, low cost vision system can also act as an entry level deco-inspector. Its compact design and small footprint make it easy to install with minimal disruption to the line.

Minimizes The Risk of Mixed Label HFIs

Label Verifier's twin sided 85 degree view of the can is much wider than that of comparable systems, ensuring very reliable mixed label detection. This can significantly reduce HFIs, saving time and money and promoting brand protection.

Low False Rejects

The risk of accidental rejects is typically between 1/40,000 to 1/500,000 depending on the sensitivity selected. Spoilage rates are much lower than those caused by less capable systems.

"Rogue Cans" and HFIs

Incorrectly decorated cans hold up production by creating quarantine situations, often called HFI (Hold-For-Inspection). This can be caused by rogue cans left on the line after a batch changeover or by poorly applied decoration. Detecting and rejecting these cans is vital for reducing HFIs and avoiding customer complaints. Even at speeds of over 3000 cans per minute, this mixed label inspection unit detects rogue cans left over from a previous design run. It may also detect cans with major decoration damage and defects such as "silver bullets" (bright cans). It has even proved successful at spotting color fades, voids, water spots and partial brights. The optional product tracker and rejecter ensures that these defective cans do not reach the customer or cause costly HFIs.

Detects Major Decoration Defects

Label Verifier not only acts as a mixed label inspector but also has the added value of being able to function as an end of line "safety net” for some major deco-defects.

Easy To Learn, Easy To Run

Self-learning technology needs no programming skills and removes the risk of incorrect set-up. Controlled by three push buttons, the system is easy for operators to work with.

High Performance / Low Cost

When it comes to performance and price, the Label Verifier breaks all the rules, allowing rapid payback on your investment.



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