Auto Front End Gauge / Trimmed Can Gauge

Master Series


Sencon advantages

  • Automatic measurement of critical features
  • Multiple can sizes without change parts or adjustment
  • No operator influence on results
  • Well proven technology
  • Excellent R&R
  • Constant self monitoring/self calibrating
  • Side wall modelling to find the transition point
  • Can be linked to the auto Back End Gauge at any time

The Automatic Front End Gauge (trimmed can gauge) measures can height, mid and top side wall thickness, and dome depth on un-necked, trimmed beverage cans. The gauge uses well-proven technology that eliminates all operator influence on the results.

Measures multiple can sizes without change parts

Also available in semi-automatic BENCHTOP GAUGE VERSION

Multiple can sizes

Cans with different can diameters and heights can be measured with no need for change parts. So several standard can sizes and shapes can easily and quickly be tested with a single gauge.

Self monitoring, self calibrating

Every measurement for every batch is automatically qualified using a NAMAS approved setting master. The gauge constantly monitors its own performance and recalibrates if drift is detected.

Side Wall Monitoring

Side wall thickness measurements can be made at multiple locations with 255 maximum total readings, including up to 12 vertical and numerous radial positions. This allows modelling of side wall thickness to find the transition point.