Color Tracking System for Beverage Cans

CTM - Color Track Monitor

tracks and detects color fades online and warns before colors go out of specification

Due to the nature of color control and how color drifts during a print run, the system is not designed to be a sorter, rejecting bad cans. Instead, the system gives predictive warning that something is changing so operators can make an informed decision about appropriate action.
  • Detects color fades online at real time speeds
  • Save HFIs due to light/dark colors and ink contamination
  • Early warning of color drift before colors are out of spec.
  • Easy to set up, easy to run
  • Live interface with graphical color trending
  • Load/save previously setup labels
  • Automatic or user selected color monitoring points
  • Independent warning and alarm levels

Rapid Payback

The Color Track Monitor (CTM) provides rapid payback by detecting color fades online, preventing many pallets of cans having to be held for inspection (HFI). The system is designed to be installed on the discharge of the printer oven.

Warnings and Alarms

Online color inspection and trending provides valuable information for the operator to maintain color standards throughout the process run. By continuously monitoring system selected and user defined color points the system warns operators when the colors are drifting away from target, with independent warning and alarm levels.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Run

Setting up a new label is very easy to accomplish. The operator first sets up the decorator to produce labels with the target colors. Once the operator is certain that the target colors are in the center of the specification, the “train” button is pressed and the Color Track Monitor will automatically locate color monitoring points at various positions on the label.

Color Track Monitor screenshot

Live User Interface Software

Optionally, the operator can place user defined color monitoring points at specific positions on the label. This ensures sensitive areas are covered. In either mode of operation, once the label is trained or setup, the label can be saved for future recall.

Graphical Color Trending

Sencon’s user interface software runs on the customer supplied PC connected via Ethernet to the Sencon Color Track Monitor. Real time color monitoring trends are displayed on this user interface. These color trend charts show deviation from color target. The user interface is typically located at the decorator operator’s area.



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