Buckle Gauge

Master Series

automatic measurement of the pressure required to reverse the dome on beverage cans

Also available in semi-automatic BENCHTOP GAUGE VERSION
  • Measures two can diameters without change parts
  • Can height growth - option
  • Can be integrated with other Master Series modules
  • Measurements and failure limits can be set in psi, bar, kPa

The Automatic Buckle Gauge measures the precise pressure at which the dome will reverse (“pop”) on necked or un-necked DWI beverage cans.

Two different can diameters can be measured without change parts by automatically switching the body clamp jaws. The jaws can easily be changed without tools to accept another can body diameter.

Test characteristics for different can be associated with user selected production lines. Procedures can be set up to include upper and lower failure limits and the measurement results set in psi, bar, kPa.

An optional module can be specified which reports the can height growth (sometimes known as “dome growth”) for up to five user defined pressure profiles and hold times.

Modular automatic gauges

Modular Gauging Clusters

The Master Series is a modular range of automatic measuring systems that can start with a single gauge and grow into complete, integrated multi-gauging clusters. You can purchase just those options that meet your immediate needs, safe in the knowledge that additional functionality can be added when appropriate.

  • benefits of master series
  • Fully automatic, operator free measurement
  • Sampling on time or production basis
  • Fully self-checking
  • Data available on screen and exchanged via local area network
  • Multi lane capability (optional)



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