Auto Enamel Rater (fully automatic)

Master Series

a highly flexible and cost effective solution for automatic enamel rating / metal exposure testing

  • Comprehensive Automatic Self Monitoring
  • ✅ Electrolyte condition check
  • ✅ Test head confirmation check with built-in test resistors
  • ✅ Can contact and electrolyte level check
  • ✅ Test voltage monitoring and compensation
  • Sampling on time or production basis
  • Fully automatic can height adjustment
  • Accepts 202 to 211 body diameter without change parts
  • Standard or surfactant based electrolyte without modification
  • Data on screen and via local area network
  • Multi lane capability (optional)

Increase Efficiency

A fully automatic enamel rater relieves operators of the labor intensive manual coating porosity test, allowing more profitable use of time.

Improve Quality

The Automatic Enamel Rater tests each can for lacquer integrity in a precise and repeatable way without operator bias or error. Reliable metal exposure information is continually available with immediate on-screen warnings of potential problems, so prompt action can be taken. Data can also be linked into the factory’s process management system.

Reduce Spoilage

By relating sampling rates to production levels and previous results, enamel rating test frequencies can be set to match optimum output efficiency. Lacquer integrity checks are always made on time with immediate action, thus reducing the potential for manufacturing out-of-specification cans.

Electrolyte FAQ: Our recommendation for electrolyte used in porosity testing/enamel rating is 1% Sodium Chloride solution. This is made by dissolving 10g of common salt in 1 liter of de-ionized water.

Sencon automatic enamel rater
Modular automatic gauges

Modular Gauging Clusters

The Master Series is a modular range of automatic measuring systems that can start with a single gauge and grow into complete, integrated multi-gauging clusters. You can purchase just those options that meet your immediate needs, safe in the knowledge that additional functionality can be added when appropriate.



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