Auto Coatings Thickness Gauge

Master Series

Automatic gauge for measuring coating thickness / film thickness on beverage cans

Also available in semi-automatic BENCHTOP GAUGE VERSION
This Automatic Coatings Thickness Gauge replaces the older QA4400
  • Easily measures internal and external coatings on beverage cans
  • Matt and tactile, base coat over colored inks, BPA-free
  • Fully correlates to industry standard
  • 202 to 211 (52mm to 66mm) can body dia. (no change parts)
  • Process Master™ software, as used on other Sencon gauges
Optical coatings measurement locations - optical measurement module

More Locations Measured

Using non-contact technology means more locations can be measured on a beverage can such as the neck, plug, and dome areas.

The gauge easily measures colored internal lacquers, external coating over colored inks, as well as matt, tactile, and BPA-free coatings.

Increased Accuracy

Independent testing has shown gauge capability typically less than 5% R&R for internals with a low spread of results. The gauge has built-in accuracy checks and automatic stability monitoring with each batch.

Faster measurements

Automatic optical coatings measurement (film thickness measurement) allows faster and more frequent tests.

No calibration samples needed

No operator influence on results and no dependence on separate calibration samples for each coating.

Lower Costs

Remote monitoring, and use of standard PC change parts significantly reduces service and maintenance costs.

Modular automatic gauges

Modular Gauging Clusters

The Master Series is a modular range of automatic measuring systems that can start with a single gauge and grow into complete, integrated multi-gauging clusters. You can purchase just those options that meet your immediate needs, safe in the knowledge that additional functionality can be added when appropriate.



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