COVID-19 Customer Update

March 18 2020

Sencon recognize the important role that we play in providing parts and support to our global customer base and we provide this statement to clarify the current situation in relation to the COVID-19 crisis.

We have undertaken a series of measures that should allow core operations and parts supply to continue with maximum resilience to the issues and constraints currently imposed by this crisis and envisaged in the near future. We have undertaken I.T. system configuration to allow our sales, finance and administration staff to work remotely. Staff have also been cross-trained in stores, packing and dispatch operations so adequate cover for high levels of absence is available.

We are working with our suppliers and logistics partners and currently see no impact on our ability to ship parts worldwide, although the disruption to airlines may cause some delivery delays.

Sencon are striving to achieve a ‘business as usual’ situation, and for parts supply this is being achieved. We are following government and CDC guidelines on travel and workplace policies. This means that site visits outside the USA and UK are not possible and may even be restricted within those regions. In the event of equipment problems, our engineers will do their utmost to provide advice and support by telephone, email, or video links.

As our offices are not fully staffed, telephone communications and call transfers may be affected. Customers are advised to contact us via the links below to our email contact forms and regional phone numbers.

Please be assured that Sencon are working hard to maintain maximum service and support to our customers. Updates to the situation will be maintained on our website.

Sencon canline senors are supplied complete with brackets and all the accessories needed for quick and easy mounting on side rails, which avoids extra costs and production delays.

The 3-D neck profile you see is software generated from the gauge's dataset as it scans the can. Only with Can-Scan™ Technology!
Virtual Sectioning™ - from simultaneous scans of both surfaces, measuring every 5 microns - eliminates the need for physical profiling. Only with End-Scan™ Technology!

Sencon is widely valued as an industry resource for research, innovation and technical expertise with sensor technology, leak testing, on- and off-line inspection, coatings control, and metrology gauging for metal packaging. Sencon develops and supplies a range of specialist sensors and line-control products, in-process light and air testing systems, and a comprehensive range of manual and automated gauges for can and end making operations. (... more)