sensors, test and inspection, and gauging systems for cans and ends

about one billion cans and lids are inspected every day with sencon light testers worldwide

Measure Seaming Clearance and Flange Angle

fully automatic modual gauges

Back End/Finished Can Gauges

The 3-D neck profile you see is software generated from the gauge's dataset as it scans the can. Only with Can-Scan™ Technology!

Sencon is widely valued as an industry resource for research, innovation and technical expertise with sensor technology, leak testing, on- and off-line inspection, coatings control, and metrology gauging for metal packaging. Sencon develops and supplies a range of specialist sensors and line-control products, in-process light and air testing systems, and a comprehensive range of manual and automated gauges for can and end making operations. (... more)


Rapid, accurate, on-screen Virtual Sectioning

fully automatic modual gauges

Shell Gauge & Progression Gauge

Virtual Sectioning™ - from simultaneous scans of both surfaces, measuring every 5 microns - eliminates the need for physical profiling. Only with End-Scan™ Technology!