Tab Verifier



Sencon advantages

  • Easy to work with for minimal downtime
  • Small sensor dimensions for easy mounting
  • Quick calibration, no need to adjust detection tolerances
  • Calibration input for quick start after maintenance stops
  • Works with aluminum and steel ends/tabs — no adjustments needed
  • No need to re-calibrate after a cable change
  • Suitable for line speeds up to 1000 strokes per minute

The Tab Verifier missing tab detector is very easy to install and quick to calibrate. It works on both aluminum and steel ends with either aluminum or steel tabs without adjustment. The small, smart sensors can easily be calibrated after a maintenance stop. Cable changes require no re-calibration at all, because unlike comparable systems, the cables do not form part of the sensing circuit.

Specially developed to minimize expensive downtime - easy to fit, quick to calibrate


Easy Install

For each lane, two sensors are installed at the infeed and two at the outfeed of the press, with two electronic cards fitted into the controller. Transmitter sensors are fitted above the conveyor belt and receivers below. Shells should pass approximately 5mm (0.2”) above the receiver sensors.

Quick Calibration

A system re-calibration input is available which gives the possibility of using the line control system or an external switch to decide when to initiate calibration.

Compact Design

The SC240 sensors have been specially engineered with short and narrow casing for easy fitting into the available space on a typical press. The control box with its easy to read signaling system is similarly compact for convenient mounting.

Modular system

The SC240 Tab Verifier is a modular system allowing inspection on up to four lanes with one controller. For each shell, the system gives a good and/or bad output signal. Error checks are performed continuously and if any system fault is found, the warning output is activated. Plug-in modules on the controller allow operators to quickly re-route inputs while a fault is being diagnosed, which helps to keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.