Bagging Count System for Beverage Ends


a cost effective system for identifying under or over-filled sleeves of ends

  • Reduce spoilage
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Simple set up
  • Easy to use
  • Quick, intelligent and flexible
Inaccurate hand counts and unreliable handheld counters are no longer needed. The system consists of two special non-contact lid count sensors which are designed to provide reliable and extremely accurate end counts. The sensors sit on a slide on a linear bearing so that the ends stick can easily and quickly pass the counter.
Bag Count Validator - detailThe system consists of two specialized non-contacting End Count Sensors designed for reliable and highly accurate counts to allow precise monitoring with 100% confidence. The sensors are positioned on a carriage mounted to a linear bearing, which allows the stack to be easily and swiftly moved past the counter. Ends are counted in ‘stick’ form, which makes it easy to unload and reload ends into the bag using the guides provided. A simple fixture assembly makes for quick and straightforward installation. Intuitive ‘go/no-go’ status lights are designed for easy operation.

Eliminate Inaccurate Manual Counting

By cutting out costly and inaccurate manual counting and avoiding unreliable hand held counters, Sencon’s A4-403 Bag Count Validator provides fast payback for a relatively low investment.

Reduce Spoilage

By quickly identifying over filled and/or under filled bags, you can significantly reduce ‘line spoilage’ and increase profitability.

Reduce Labor Costs

By eliminating the need for slow and labor intensive manual counting procedures, you can save time and money.

High Performance / Low Cost

By consistently supplying accurately counted bags, you will protect your brand reputation and keep your customers satisfied.

The system can be used for all beer and beverage ends and 90% of all food ends.

Simple Set Up

By consistently supplying accurately counted bags, you will protect your brand reputation and keep your customers satisfied.

High Performance / Low Cost

Setting up the Bag Count Validator is simple and quick. Since the unit is portable, it is easily moved from line to line and plugged into a local power source. All an operator need to do is:

  • Reset the counters
  • Slide the ends onto the rack using the supplied horns.
  • Adjust the sensors to the height of the ends
  • Start counting

Easy to Use

The ends are easy to load and unload in stick form using the horns provided. Sensors used on the system are specially designed to achieve highly accurate and reliable counts each time. By simply sliding the sensors from right to left over the lids, a highly accurate count is taken. (Typically 99.998% accurate when correctly applied and set up).

Quick, Intelligent and Flexible

The sensors are unidirectional, so the system only counts forward, which means that even if ‘jiggling’ occurs, a correct count is still taken. Two counters on the system provide immediate validation. The sensors are adjustable to allow for different end finishes. If your application involves an unusual size, shape or coating, please contact your local Sencon office.



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