Linear Mass Sensors


unique and versatile sensors which have revolutionized speed control on canmaking lines

  • Can density can be monitored at any point on the line
  • Machine speeds can be smoothly modulated and co-ordinated
  • Optimum line efficiency
By providing an analog signal that is proportional to can back-up on the conveyor, the LMS2400 Linear Mass Sensor can be used to modulate machine or conveyor speed accordingly.

Perfect Speed Matching

Mchine synchronization with linear mass sensor

When used on the infeed to machines, the LMS controls machine speed to perfectly match the rate of cans being supplied to the machine. It will do this smoothly without overshoot across a wide speed range, eliminating the constant speed variations that are a design feature of traditional, slow-medium-high speed control systems.

Stable Conveyor Conditions

machine control using  linear mass sensor

Stable conveyor conditions are vital for today’s lightweight cans and high speed machinery. The LMS enables complete speed control with minimum changes in conveyor back up, so creating optimum conveyor conditions, empty out space, accumulation space and minimum can pressure.

Conveyor Pressure Control

conveyor pressure control using linear mass sensor on siderail

The LMS enables conveyor speed to be varied relative to back up. When full, the conveyor should run at machine rate, creating no excess can pressure, but as it empties the speed should increase. So when recovering from an empty-out situation, conveyor speed is maximum, thus reducing transit and refill times, adding precious seconds to the line efficiency.

Close Coupled Synchronization

The output of the LMS responds to each and every can instantaneously, which means that a machine does not have to wait for a sensor to cover it before it begins to respond. So close coupled installation of waxers, neckers and testers is possible, with each machine maintaining perfect inter machine back-ups/feed rates.

Easy Installation, Even On Complex Conveyors

Another possibility is to isolate and use the side rail on one or both sides of the track to monitor can density instead of using the sensor wire. This makes installation practical on complex conveyor shapes such as swan necks or curved 'tunnel' track.



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