Canline Sensors for beverage and food can making lines


A very long life of precise performance protects your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

  • Optimized sensitivity
  • Zero-drift stability - zero maintenance
  • Static-safe - uninterrupted processing
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Maximum performance on aluminum or steel cans
  • Tamper proof or adjustable models available
  • Less downtime and improved productivity
Can line Sensors

These are not standard proximity switches

Sencon sensors have special features designed to cope with the harsh environment of a canmaking line that ensure a practically indefinite life of precise performance with less downtime and improved productivity:

  • Sensing fields specially optimized for canmaking
  • Internally designed for maximum electronic stability
  • Immunity from static discharge
  • Maximum mechanical crush resistance

“Sencon sensors were seen to be the best for ease of understanding and reliability. This is a testament to the trust placed in Sencon sensors as a result of long term customer experience.”
Line specifier for a major canmaking plant in Spain
canline sensor with cans
The carefully designed sensing field reliably detects can presence
canline sensor with cans
Non-adjustable models with fully enclosed casing suitable for washdown areas
canline sensor with cans
340 series: ideal for mass belt applications

Sensor Adjustment Features

Single File : Can diameters 202/54mm to 305/84mm

  • 9H-330-03, 11P/H-330-03: No adjustments
  • 9H-335-03, 11P/H-335-03: Variable sensitivity
  • 9H-336-03, 11P/H-336-03: Variable sensitivity, ON/OFF delay
  • 9H-337-03, 11P/H-337-03: Variable sensitivity, Jam/Motion detection, Variable motion threshold, ON/OFF delay
  • 11P/H-330-05: No adjustments

Single File : Can diameters 305/84mm to 607/163.5mm
Mass Sensing: Can diameters up to 607/163.5mm

  • 9H-340-03, 11P-340-03: No adjustments
  • 9H-345-03, 11P-345-0:   Variable sensitivity
  • 9H-346-03, 11P-346-03: Variable sensitivity, ON/OFF delay
  • 9H-347-03, 11P-347-03  Variable sensitivity, Jam/Motion detection, Variable motion threshold, ON/OFF delay
  • 11P-340-05: No adjustments
  • 11P-341-05: No adjustments


  • Sensors with 9- prefix have a fixed cable.
  • Sensors with 11- prefix are quick disconnect.
  • Sensors with 11P- prefix accept a pipe fitting.
  • Sensors with 9H- or 11P/H- prefix have a combined connector that is compatible with either pipe or hose fittings.
  • Sensors with -03 suffix are sink(PNP)/source(NPN).
  • Sensors with -05 suffix are AC: 2 wire.