Alphanumeric Displays



Sencon advantages

  • Data logging
  • Real time clock
  • Built-in keypad
  • Removable SD card for easy data logging and transfer
  • Optically isolated inputs
  • Keyboard port
  • Onboard editor
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Auto strobe message trigger

For improved process control and timely diagnosis of potentially disastrous problems


Easy Data Logging and Sharing

The 90G series Alphanumeric Display is equipped with an industry standard SD card slot. An SD card can be used to store the activity log, which can also be read and reviewed on a remote PC. The SD card can also be used to distribute and transfer messages and status files to internal memory on different units, and to carry out firmware flash updates.

Improved Panel Design

Up to 250 variables of 10 characters each can be stored, integrated into messages and independently controlled, thus eliminating some of the panel meters that would otherwise be required on the control console.

Quick Sample Set-up

An on-board editor prompts the user through the message editing process using a RS232 terminal. Parameters such as baud rates and parallel port features can be set via a simple menu using front panel push-buttons.

Fully Backwards Compatible

The serial port retains the same connector pin-outs, voltage specifications, and commands as on previous models. All the serial port commands you have painstakingly created in your PLC will still work exactly the same with the new display. The existing programming keypads connect to the new display using the same ribbon cable, and performs the same functions.

Non Volatile Memory

Text for messages and configuration setup are saved in internal, non-volatile memory so that messages and configuration data cannot be lost if the battery becomes discharged or is removed. The onboard battery is still used to power the Real Time Clock.

Activity Log

The built-in keypad allows examination of the activity log. The operator can analyze data based on message type, date, time or on the number of events. Alternatively they can simply scroll through all the messages.