Oven Logger for 3-piece Canmaking Lines

SL2300, SL2400

for wicket ovens and side stripe curing

  • One logger for all ovens
  • Enough memory to log several ovens before data download
  • Improved process control
  • Reduced downtime — using logger does not interrupt production
  • Better can quality
  • Lower costs — shorter set up times and reduced energy consumption
  • Compact size— does not interfere with oven air flow

The Smart Sheet System for Sheet/Wicket Ovens

sheet / wicket oven loggerThe SL2300 Smart Sheet System clips the logger directly onto the test sheet and its seven sensors are attached to the edges and centre of the sheet. In this way, the test sheet is quickly set up to pass through the wicket oven as a normal production sheet.

  • Logger clips directly onto the test sheet and the Smart Sheet sensor array is quickly attached across the sheet.
  • No need to remove other nearby sheets or stop the line.
  • The system is easy to handle and will not damage the wicket

The Smart Seam System for Side Stripe Ovens

Side Stripe oven logger kitThe SL2400 Smart Seam System's articulated assembly and probe set allows the SL2000 logger and the test can to run through a side stripe oven, even on a curved conveyor, properly aligned to the burners, as part of a normal production batch.

Sencon's SL2000 Oven Logger is designed specifically for the canmaking market. It is rugged, small, smart and easy to use. Together with the Hexagon software package, it enables regular monitoring of metal temperature profiles at normal production speeds, without incurring excessive downtime. This leads to better process control, higher can quality and enhanced operating efficiencies.

Improved process control

By logging the exact profile of can metal temperature as it passes through the oven, it is possible to be sure of a perfect cure, to spot potential problems and to optimize oven performance.

Reduced line downtime

These logger/sensor assemblies are very small, light and easy to use. They may be introduced into a fully loaded oven with minimal disruption.

Better can quality

With up to 256,000 high accuracy readings, coupled to powerful yet simple analysis SPC software, it is possible to set the ovens to consistently achieve perfect curing. Coating and can performance will be optimized and customers will be satisfied.

Lower costs

Shorter set-up time and reduced energy consumption from better oven set-up leads to cumulative cost savings.



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