Online Wet Film Weight / Wet Coatings Thickness Gauge


non-contact measurement of wet film weight (wet coatings thickness) on lacquered plate right at the coater

Works with gold, white and clear lacquers. For other lacquer types please contact Sencon to discuss suitability.
  • Easy to install
  • Initial calibration in less than 30 seconds
  • Saves time with quicker set-up /make ready times
  • Rapid payback (typical 5 - 10 months)
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced lacquer waste / less scrap
  • Better product quality
  • Customer configurable limits
  • 2 measurement heads: SC8800
  • 1 measurement head for narrow sheets: SC8801
  • 4 measurement heads for coil lines: SC8802

Alarm outputs for ‘out of spec’ coatings weights can trigger line controls or visual/audible alarms.

Logic output is available for missing lacquer detection.

A Batch Summary Data Utility (BSDU) option displays the average film weight with standard deviation for the batch. This data can also be sent via an RS232 port on the HMI. An analog output suitable for a chart recorder is also available.

The ability to accurately measure the wet film weight / wet coatings thickness on metal sheets as they come off the coater significantly shortens the ‘make ready’ process and also allows easy optimization of coatings thickness. Better coatings control promotes rapid payback through improved efficiency, reduced lacquer consumption and better product quality.

Instant feedback from the SC8800 Online Wet Film Weight Gauge allows operators to achieve the minimum film weight / coatings thickness without risking customer complaint, yet wasteful over-application is eliminated. Alarm outputs allow immediate correction, saving downtime and spoilage while maintaining product quality.

What customers are saying ...

“Significant savings in coatings usage and setup time have been made with the Sencon Wet Film Weight Gauge. The system is easy for operators and gives them confidence they are doing the right thing.”
King Can
“Instead of set up taking about an hour, we can start production immediately using the Sencon system”
Xiamen Jiyuan Enterprise Co. Ltd
“Supplying product that is resistant to aggressive contents inside the can is very important for our reputation. Since installing the Sencon Wet Film Weight Gauge we have been able to guarantee the quality of the sheets to our end customers because the SC8800 ensures that the film weight is very stable”.
Taicang Zhongyang Metal Printing Co. Ltd



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