Spray Timing System Upgrades & High Speed Solenoid Driver Systems

SD5042-DV, SD5044 - DV

for accurately driving modern spray guns and other triggering operations

  • Improved spray gun control
  • Compatible with all the latest spray gun technology
  • A straightforward upgrade path
  • Rapid payback

Spray Timing System Upgrades

The original Sencon Lacquer Spray Timer system (LST) was designed when spray guns were powered by 12 Watt coils and spray machines ran at 100 cpm, with delays of up to half a second between consecutive sprays. Today spray guns are operated directly by 30 - 40 Watt coils with less than 150 milliseconds between sprays. This means that the original LST design is now operating at the limit of or even just outside its operational capability.

A further development has been the introduction of the Micro Electronic Gun (MEG™ Gun), which establishes a correct spray pattern within a few milliseconds and requires current rather than voltage drivers. In recognition of these developments, Sencon has introduced an upgrade path for all users capable of driving the most advanced spray guns currently available.

High Speed Solenoid Driver Systems

Slow, "sticky" solenoids can severely disrupt machine efficiency and process control, and also affect product quality. Sencon’s unique solenoid driver technology ensures consistent, reliable solenoid operation, reducing inaccuracy and waste in critical applications, which translates into direct cost savings.

Sencon High Speed Solenoid Drivers can be used wherever DC solenoids are used in time critical applications. Typical uses include:

  • machine clutches
  • reject solenoids
  • glue and sealant applicators
  • solenoids subject to cyclic operation on rotating machinery



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