Internal Spray Inspection

Spray Detector SC7050

Detects unsprayed cans immediately after the internal spray machines

Selectable Sensitivity

The system is supplied ready to go, but it is possible to adjust the sensitivity. The user can increase or decrease the sensitivity (six levels) to find a setting where false rejects are still acceptably low yet the limits are tight enough to detect un-sprayed cans.

  • Bad cans are stopped at the spray machine, reducing spoilage
  • Self calibrating, self learning
  • Selectable sensitivity level
  • Compact and self-contained
  • Minimal maintenance — just wipe clean each shift
  • User replaceable inspection window

Stops Bad Cans At The Spray Machine

Sencon’s SC7050 Spray Detector (like it's predecessors SC7000+,SC7100) inspects wet lacquer immediately after the LSM, giving immediate warning of spray system problems and preventing bad cans from mixing with good ones. If a problem is detected, the offending spray machine is stopped, but the remainder continue with production to minimize interruption of production output.

Self Calibrating, Self Learning

The sensor learns and stores a value that represents the ‘good can’. This value is constantly updated according to how many bad cans are found over time. The unit continually self-calibrates, compensating for the inevitable accumulation of lacquer on the detector window. The system is therefore adjustment-free, although the detector window must be wiped clean at the start of each shift.

spray verifier installation options

Optional Can Stop

When the system detects a coating error, it sends a reject signal to stop the spray machine and drive the optional can stop. Defective cans are manually cleared.



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