Oven Logger for beverage can lines

SL2100, SL2200

measures coating cure profiles in pin ovens and IBO/OBO ovens during normal production

  • Improves productivity and reduces energy costs
  • Allows optimization of process parameters and maintenance routines
  • Can be put on line without interrupting production
  • Ultra compact — does not interfere with air circulation in oven
  • One solution for all 2-piece ovens
  • Enough memory to log data from several ovens without having to download data in between

Optimize Oven Performance

With an oven logger you can save energy costs by optimizing the performance of your curing ovens while still ensuring correct cure of coatings and decoration. Compact and easy to use, the SL2000 Oven Logger used with the SL2100 SmartPin and SL2200 SmartCan Systems gives you highly detailed and accurate cure profiles from the actual metal surfaces of your product inside the pin and belt ovens during normal production at line speed.

Complete and Accurate Metal Temperature Profiles

Sencon's high temperature oven loggers provide the complete and accurate picture of your curing process. They are small and easy to use, enabling regular monitoring of metal temperature profiles at normal production speeds without incurring large amounts of downtime. This leads to better process control, higher can quality and enhanced operating efficiencies.

Curing profile from Sencon oven logger
Metal temperature profiles from SL2000 oven logger probes on a can in an OBO (Outside Bake Oven). The dedicated Hexagon software also has powerful data analysis tools.

System for PIN Ovens

Powerful Display and Analysis Software



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