Short Can Sensor with punch discrimination

9-487-00 / 11-487-00

With field updates for different punch materials and in situ optimization


Sencon advantages

  • Short can/tear-off detection - discriminates between the punch and can-over-punch
  • Optimum tooling and machine protection
  • Multiple punch types supported
  • Field update with Punch Discrimination Pack (PDP)
  • Maximum reliability, minimum downtime
  • Long lasting rugged construction
  • Live graphing of punch information
  • Sensor management software
  • In-process punch optimization for fine tuning

An optional software interface can display punch signal information for ease of installation, running confidence, and fault diagnosis (contact Sencon for details).

Works with a range of punch materials, including ceramics and nickel based carbides



  • Standard sensor case design similar to a 9-287 or 11-287
  • Simple cable connection Can be wired directly to the press control system
  • No control module needed
  • The PDP can be selected via a push button connected to the sensor cable
  • Software client application allows the sensor to be interrogated and set up via PC

Tooling and Machine Protection

The 487 series Short Can Sensor is a self contained, smart, metal discrimination proximity switch that discriminates between the punch tooling and can material over the punch. It acts as a “short can” or "tear-off" detector to protect the tooling in wall ironing machines.

Field Updates

The 487 can be field updated with “Punch Discrimination Packs” (PDPs); software packs that enable the sensor to work with different punch materials. An increasingly diverse range of punch types is now available, and material compositions often display subtle variations which may affect short can detection capability. A short can sensor that can be field updated for different punches offers canmakers the opportunity to buy once and remain flexible to tooling changes in the future.

Punch optimization

The 487 sensor can also be optimized to a specific punch in the bodymaker via a simple push button or PC interface. Activated via the push button or client software, this optimized the sensor to the specific punch’s magnetic properties and mounting distance. Instead of having a specific sensor which is calibrated during manufacture to a generic target material, the 487 can be optimized to the unique set of circumstances for each bodymaker.

Rugged Construction, Maximum Reliability

Sencon metal discrimination sensors employ special encapsulants, sealed cases and custom fabricated metallic end plates to withstand hydraulic abrasion and provide maximum durability for long service life.


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