Cut Sheet Sample Adapter for enamel rater


Cut Sheet Adapter

Option 1

Circular samples of 4 squ. ins (2580,64 mm2) diameter are cut from flat sheets. These can be tested using a special top plate for the Sencon End Adapter for the SI9100 Enamel Rater.

sheet sample adapater top plate2

Option 2

A strip sample is placed under a top plate with two openings designed to prevent samples from buckling during the test. This option allows a total surface area of 100 cm2 to be tested.

sheet sample adapater top plate2

Vacuum Generator and optional Automatic Vacuum Control

The latest Adapters ( - AV) are capable of accepting an optional Automatic Vacuum Control (SI9023) that triggers the dedicated Vacuum Generator Unit (SI9021) whenever the probes make contact with the sample under test.