End Adapters for Enamel Rater

SI9020AV, SI9019AV

For checking the coating porosity on ends and caps of different types and sizes

end adapterSI9020AV Standard End Adapter for
202 (52mm) - 603 (153mm) diameter ends

large end adapterSI9019 Large End Adapter for
202 (52mm)* 903 (230mm) diameter ends

*NOTE: The larger end adapter can be used for smaller ends with a change of top-plate, but the smaller end adapter cannot be used with larger ends

In combination with the Semi-automatic Enamel Rater, Sencon End Adapters offer maximum flexibility and ease of maintenance when checking the coating porosity on a wide range of end types and sizes.

Simple change parts allow for the testing of the following shapes:

  • Round
  • Rectangular or Oval such as:
    FPEO Key-open End, Hansa, Dingley, Club

end adapter animation

Aerosol can: Cones and Domes

PT Caps: There are too many variants to list, but virtually all PT caps can be tested, including luged caps.

See also:
Cut Sheet Sample Adapter

  • benefits
  • Reliable semi automatic operation
  • Self checking of electrical contacts before every test
  • Automatic voltage compensation for better accuracy and repeatability
  • Automatic Vacuum control for ease of use (optional, please specify when ordering)
  • Durable, corrosion proof design for long product life
  • Multiple end sizes and styles accepted for maximum flexibility

Enamel Rating Equipment

auto enamel rater for automated sampling on bev can lines

semi-automatic enamel rater with a wide range of accessories including:

multi-end enamel rater for rating multiple ends in one pass