End Adapters for Enamel Rater

SI9019T, SI9020TM

For checking the coating porosity on ends and caps of different types and sizes

Sencon End Adapters are designed to check the integrity of lacquer on ends, closures and sheet samples using the SI9100 semi-auto enamel rater. The operator simply loads ends onto the top plate and inverts the pot which has been filled with electrolyte. Contacts are verified before every test and any voltage drop in the cables is compensated for so that 6.3 volts is always supplied for the test. This leads to more accurate measurements and better repeatability.

  • benefits
  • Easy, reliable operation
  • Multiple end sizes and shapes accepted
  • Rapid change magnetic top plates for maximum convenience
  • Self checking of electrical contacts before every test
  • Automatic voltage compensation for better accuracy and repeatability
  • Automatic vacuum control for ease of use (optional)
  • Durable, corrosion proof design for long product life
Ends are held in place on the inverted adapter during the test by a vacuum created by switching on the SI9021-AV Vacuum Generator. This can be done manually or the optional Automatic Vacuum Control (SI9023) unit can be used to trigger the Vacuum Generator just before the probes make contact with the end under test. This is useful with large batches because it simplifies and speeds up operation. It also prevents accidental spillage of electrolyte when the adapter is inverted.

In combination with the Semi-automatic Enamel Rater, Sencon End Adapters offer maximum flexibility and ease of maintenance when checking the coating porosity on a wide range of end types and sizes.

  • SI9020AV Standard End Adapter for 202 (52mm) - 603 (153mm) diameter ends
  • SI9019 Large End Adapter for 202 (52mm)* 903 (230mm) diameter ends
NOTE: The larger end adapter can be used for smaller ends with a change of top-plate, but the smaller end adapter cannot be used with larger ends.
end adapter animation

Simple change parts allow for the testing of the following end/lid shapes:

  • Round
  • Rectangular or Oval such as FPEO Key-open End, Hansa, Dingley, Club

Aerosol can: Cones and Domes

PT Caps: There are too many variants to list, but virtually all PT caps can be tested, including luged caps.