Buckle Tester / Dome Reversal Gauge (benchtop)


measures pressure required to reverse the dome on beverage cans, with can height growth option

Also available in the "Master Series" FULLY AUTOMATIC GAUGE VERSION

The SI6110 Buckle Gauge (dome reversal gauge) is a self contained quality control instrument designed to precisely measure the pressure at which the dome will reverse (“pop”) on necked or un-necked DWI beverage cans.

  • Easily configured dome reversal and dome growth test characteristics
  • Configurable procedures and operator IDs
  • User level password protection: Operator, Supervisor, Engineer
  • User defined maximum pressure setting
  • Upper and lower failure limits can be set in psi, bar, kPa
  • Switch from fast to slow flow rate with a user defined knee point
  • Semi-automatic calibration

An additional module (SI6115) can be specified to monitor and report the can height growth (sometimes known as "dome growth") during a test with multi-stage (5 point), user defined pressure profiles and hold times.

Buckle test characteristics for different can types are easily set up and associated with user selected production lines. Up to 20 procedures can be set up.

Data from up to 50 finished batches can be stored in internal memory. Buckle test / dome reversal and dome growth results are displayed on the integrated screen with time and date stamp and output to the user’s SPC system via the RS232 Serial port.