Back End Gauge / Finished Can Gauge (benchtop)


non-contact measurement of key dimensions on finished cans (necked beverage cans)

Also available in the "Master Series" FULLY AUTOMATIC GAUGE VERSION
Neck Profile and Dome Reform scan options may be added at any time. All measurements are made simultaneously, so additional modules do not increase testing time.
  • More critical features measured
  • Greatly improved R&R - better process control
  • Well proven non-contact technology
  • Multiple can sizes with tool-free inserts
  • No mechanical transducers - fewer wear parts
  • Minimal maintenance - very low lifetime costs

More Critical Finished Can Features Measured

Back End Can / Finished Can Dimensions

Standard Measurements

  • A. Can Height
  • B. Flange Width
  • C. Plug Diameter
  • D. Dome Depth
  • J. Seaming Clearance

Base Reform Measurements (cost option)

  • E. Reform Diameter
  • F. Reform Height
  • G. Minimum Stand Diameter

Improved R&R

Non-contact measurement reduces gauge variability which helps to improves process capability (CPk). This is increasingly demanded as cans become lighter, lines get faster, and product designs become more diverse.

Lower Costs

The system uses no mechanical transducers, so there is almost no maintenance required and running costs are very low.

Multiple Sizes Without Change Parts

The SI6500 Back End Gauge / Finished Can Gauge handles cans with standard body and neck diameters without the need for change parts.