Axial Load Gauge (benchtop)


measures the maximum force which can be applied in the axial plane before deformation

Also available in the "Master Series" FULLY AUTOMATIC GAUGE VERSION
  • Short cycle time
  • Full control of test program
  • Multiple can and neck sizes with quick change, tool-free inserts
  • Semiautomatic calibration routines
  • User adjustable axial load crush speed
  • Software selectable measurement units (N, kg, lb)
  • Simple, clear results display for better diagnosis of beverage can axial load failure
  • Easy to use icon driven, language free interface

The SI6300 Axial Load Gauge (axial load tester) is an easy to use semi-automatic instrument for testing necked and un-necked beverage cans. The gauge measures the axial load required to cause the can to deform in Newtons, pounds or kilograms. A number of unique features are designed to improve on the already established test.

This axial load gauge accepts beverage cans with bodies from 202 - 211 and neck diameters from 200 - 206 using quick change, tool free inserts. Bev cans may be tested either way up by simply switching the platen and plug fixtures, which takes less than a minute. Neck plugs are customer specific. The axial load is applied via a high precision, digitally controlled motor. This technique delivers a shorter cycle time. The intuitive, language free touch screen interface gives supervisors full control of the test program