Progression Gauge for Beverage Ends

EPG-vitesse - End Progression Gauge

automatic, non-contact measurement of features on beverage ends, including score residual

  • Extend tooling life
  • Monitor tooling alignment
  • Improve product quality
  • Excellent R&R
  • Low maintenance
  • Modular flexibility for economic investment

The latest End Progression and Score Residual Gauge (EPG-Vitesse) is a complete non-destructive, non-contact, 3D coordinate measuring system for any feature in the panel area of beverage EOE can ends, including the important score residual. A choice of modular gauging features can be specified:

  • Score residual measurement (35% faster)
  • Tooling alignment
  • 8 pocket infeed

This enables flexible investment with economic upgrade options as your needs develop and makes entry to this technology as economic as possible.

Extend Tooling Life

EPG-Vitesse (End Progression and Score Residual Gauge) gives you the ability to measure end features in a precise and repeatable way that avoids the potential for human influence, which has a number of direct benefits, such as:

  • Detecting tooling damage
  • Demonstrating tooling wear
  • Reporting alignment issues

EPG-vitesse can reliably detect these issues, allowing quick, corrective actions, therefore reducing downtime, improving productivity and saving money because tooling life can now be monitored more consistently. This has given customers the confidence to maximize the life of the press tooling based on empirical data, reducing annual tooling costs.

Monitor Tooling alignment

An optional module runs measurement routines that report errors in the tooling alignment. This allows quicker, more precise tooling alignment, saving press downtime and increasing productivity.

Improve product quality

EPG is the only gauge on the market that measures the important features of all types of DRT and Stolle EOE progressions SOT, LOE, RPT and also measures the crucial score residual. Operators can also measure any location within the panel area, making EPG a highly flexible tool for both present and future end designs. Currently beverage ends in two curl diameter sizes can be measured without the need for change parts.

Low Maintenance

With its highly stable, non-contact gauging system, EPG requires minimal maintenance, even when running 24/7.

Modular flexibility for economic investment

Some features are offered as optional modules to make entry to this technology as economic as possible. You only purchase the capability you currently need, but the gauge is designed to allow cost effective in-the-field upgrades at any time.

EPG carousel
EPG-vitesse with optional 8 pocket carousel and inspection station
Ends are taken from each stage of the press and stacked sequentially for fully automatic measurement. EPG quickly takes a large number of readings to give a comprehensive and accurate picture of the end progression process, including the score residual.
EPG carousel
EPG upper optical sensor scanning an end
EPG's twin, high resolution optical sensors measure material thickness to within 0.1 micron resolution. They make measurements in overlapping steps with a 2 micron lateral precision, simultaneously profiling both the top and bottom surfaces of features such as the score residual or coin thickness.
inner bead profile
Tooling misalignment
Point contact systems can only profile one surface of an object at a time, but ends are 3D objects and crucial tolerances can be affected by defects in both top and bottom surfaces of a feature. EPG's true-to -life 3D profiling can show up significant detail that will easily be missed by other systems.
inner bead coin profile
tooling damage
Gauges that use any form of mechanical point contact inadvertently bypass such important information by effectively bridging these smaller, yet potentially serious anomalies. Even systems that use photographic imaging, such as X-rays, cannot achieve the detailed surface profiling that is produced by EPG. EPG's high quality data allows more efficient monitoring of tool alignment as well as potential damage, making for longer tool life and better product consistency.



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