Axial Load Gauge (fully automatic)

Master Series

measures the maximum force which can be applied in the axial plane before deformation

Also available in semi-automatic BENCHTOP GAUGE VERSION
  • Two neck diameters without change parts
  • Additional neck sizes with quick change, tool free inserts
  • Full control of test program
  • Semi-automatic calibration routines
  • User adjustable test crush speed
  • Software selectable measurement units ( kg, N, or lbs )

The Automtaic Axial Load Guage accepts beverage cans with bodies from 202 to 211 and neck diameters from 200 to 206 using quick-change, tool-free inserts.

The test load is applied via a high precision, digitally controlled motor. Users can set:

  • Adjustable crush speed
  • Adjustable Delta-peak sensitivity
  • Test to destruction
  • Test to pre-programmed load
Modular automatic gauges

Modular Gauging Clusters

The Master Series is a modular range of automatic measuring systems that can start with a single gauge and grow into complete, integrated multi-gauging clusters. You can purchase just those options that meet your immediate needs, safe in the knowledge that additional functionality can be added when appropriate.

  • benefits of master series
  • Fully automatic, operator free measurement
  • Sampling on time or production basis
  • Fully self-checking
  • Data available on screen and exchanged via local area network
  • Multi lane capability (optional)