products for can Filling Lines

Can Filling Line Sensors

can filling  line sensors
Sencon's range of tough, stainless steel sensors are designed specially for the needs of the can filling industry … more

Area Mass Sensors

area mass sensor
Sencon’s unique Area Mass Sensors have revolutionized mass conveyor control for canmaking lines … more

Can Counting Sensors

can count sensors
Unique designs, specially developed for canmaking applications to give unparalleled accuracy and reliability … more

Linear Mass Sensors

linear mass sesnors
Sencon’s unique and versatile Linear Mass Sensor has revolutionized speed control for canmaking lines … more

double end detector

double end detector
A fully self-contained sensor which automatically calibrates during batch changes, giving true ‘fit-and-forget’ double end protection … more

Label Verifier

label verifier
Label Verifier is a high performance, low cost vision system designed to detect and reject cans with incorrect labels, which can also act as an entry level deco-inspector … more

Label Verifier for paper labels

label verifier
Detects and rejects cans with incorrect or poorly applied or non-compliant paper labels … more

Semi-Automatic Enamel Rater

digital enamel rater
Sencon's enamel rater is the industry leading gauge for assessing lacquer integrity. Advanced electronics and self-protection features, durable design plus practical operation reduce enamel rating errors and ensure product quality … more

Can stands and adapters for enamel rating

digital enamel rater
A range of can stands is available to suit various can types; in combination with the Semi-auto Enamel Rater they all offer maximum flexibility and ease of maintenance with features such as auto level check and contact check circuits. … more

superstand for enamel rating

digital enamel rater
For enamel rating metal packaging products with narrow necks, large base diameters or low profiles. Also available with an adapter for enamel rating crown closures … more