Automatic Beverage Shell Measurement Gauge

Shell Gauge-optical

automatic optical gauge for precision measurement of features on beverage shells

  • World class R&R
  • Grain orientation as standard feature (no time penalty)
  • 24 shells in less than 9 minutes (including grain orientation)
  • All measurement supported on all beverage shell types: including CDL, SuperEnd, Enhanced SuperEnd, B64
  • Multisize: 113 to 209 / 46 mm to 65 mm diameter shells handled with fully automatic adjustment
  • Black, colored, and decorated shells accepted
Optical shell gauge measurements - detail
Results displayed on screen with Sencon’s Process Master™ software

Highly Configurable

  • Select and link measurements to individual shells by type
  • Configure any number of presses
  • Program pass, warning, and fail limits
  • Create and store unlimited procedures

All measurements supported on all end types

Optical shell gauge measurements
A. Outside diameter E. Curl height
B. Inside curl diameter F. Countersink depth
C. Curl opening G. Panel height
D. Overall height H. Material Thickness
Optical shell gauge measurements - detail
The Shell Gauge-optical scans each shell on both sides for any position in one second
Optical shell gauge measurements - detail
Three infeed drawers can be loaded with stacks of shells up to 100 mm high