Products for Easy Open End Making

End Gap Control System

End Gap Sensor
Maintains optimum end gap with smooth line speed control … more

Flat Belt Conveyor End Sensor

Flat Belt Conveyor End Sensor
Specially designed to detect aluminum and steel ends while being conveyed on a flat belt conveyormore

End Light Tester Package (ELTP)

End Light Tester
A light tester designed to fit onto an end conversion press, this highly sensitive system provides 100% testing of easy open ends for leaks … more

Tab verifier

Tab Verifier
A missing tab and double shell detector specifically developed to help reduce downtime on conversion presses … more

Micro Leak detector (MLT)

Micro Leak Tester
Fast, practical and effective sample micro-leak tester for converted ends, with low maintenance and low running costs … more

Improved Static Compound Liner Gun Control

LST22 solenoid driver
Gain considerable improvement in the consistency and precision of electro-pneumatic compound liner gun triggering on static compound lining machines by using the LST22 high speed solenoid driver … more

End Counting Sensor

End Count Sensor
These unique devices are specially designed to achieve reliable, highly accurate end counting, allowing production or spoilage data to be precisely monitored with 100% confidence … more

End Counter/Splitter System

End Splitter
Accurate counting and beverage end splitting ready for bagging … more

Bag Count Validator

Bag Count Validator
Reduce spoilage and increase profitability with Sencon’s cost effective Bag Count Validator system for identifying under- or over-filled sleeves of ends … more

End Progression Gauge (EPG)

End Progression Gauge
This end progression and score residual gauge is a complete non-destructive, non-contact, 3D coordinate measuring system for any feature in the panel area of beverage EOE can ends. A choice of modular gauging features, including score residual, enables flexible investment … more

Multi End Enamel Rater

Multi End Enamel Rater
Fast and reliable enamel rater for checking of lacquer integrity on multiple ends … more

Semi-Automatic Enamel Rater

digital enamel rater
Sencon's enamel rater is the industry leading gauge for assessing lacquer integrity. Advanced electronics and self-protection features, durable design plus practical operation reduce enamel rating errors and ensure product quality … more

Adapters for Enamel Rater ends

End Adapter for Enamel Rater
For checking the coating porosity on ends and caps of different types and sizes … more