End Counter / Splitter System


accurate counting and splitting of beverage ends ready for bagging
End Splitter System


Sencon’s End Counter / Splitter is an electro-mechanical device for use on beverage end bagging machines. It accurately counts ends moving beneath it in stick form, smoothly inserting a gap when the user-selected bag quantity is reached. This allows the bagging machine to operate with an accurately counted stick of ends, creating precise bag quantities. The smooth splitting action also eliminates product damage.

end splitter system

  • benefits
  • Reduce line spoilage
  • Reduce running costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase efficiency

Reduce Line Spoilage

Eliminating over packed end bags removes a major source of lost profits, usually excused as ‘line spoilage’. Accurate counting/splitting allows the bagging operator to put exactly the stated quantity into each bag.

Reduce Running Costs

Unlike other systems, Sencon’s approach uses non contact counting together with an elegantly simple splitting operation. The result is a low cost system that does not jam and has almost no maintenance costs.

Improve Product Quality

The precise but gentle splitting action causes no end marks or end damage. Your customers will appreciate your investment in an improved bagging system.

Increase Efficiency

Smooth, reliable splitting improves machine reliability. Less spoilage, less damage and more reliability all make for better line efficiency.