• Improved line performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Quick and simple set-up
End Gap Control package

Improved Line Performance

Consistent and stable end conveying helps lines to run at maximum efficiency. Interruptions due to clutch wear and breakdown are eliminated. Gap sizes can be kept small to prevent end inversion and the problems this creates, such splashing of water based compound or seamer wrecks on the customer's filling line.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Adjustment is achieved by pressing just two protected push-buttons. The built-in microprocessor takes care of the rest. Instant response without overshoot will maintain the correct gap size and keep the ends moving without interruption. The result is perfect control with no complications, no fuss and no need for fine tuning.

Smooth, Modulated Control

End handling systems that use clutches to control product flow in response to stop-start signals from basic proximity sensors are jerky, inefficient and demand high maintenance. They can now be replaced by smooth, modulated, analog control. End lines run better, more reliably and with less maintenance using Sencon’s up to date End Gap Control.

End Gap Control diagram
Linear analog output from a single wide faced sensor is used to smoothly adjust line speed and maintain an optimum end gap.