sensors and line controls

Alphanumeric Displays

alphanumeric display
Presents clear, detailed, accurate and line-specific information on machine status for improved process control and timely diagnosis of potentially disastrous problems … more

Area Mass Sensors

area mass sensor
Sencon’s unique Area Mass Sensors have revolutionized mass conveyor control for canmaking lines … more

Can Counting Sensors

can count sensors
Unique designs, specially developed for canmaking applications to give unparalleled accuracy and reliability … more

Can Line Sensors

can line sensors
Sencon’s canline sensors are the most widely used sensors in the world on high speed canmaking and filling lines—and with good reason … more

Linear Mass Sensors

linear mass sesnors
Sencon’s unique and versatile Linear Mass Sensor has revolutionized speed control for canmaking lines … more

Short Can Sensor with Punch Discrimination

short can sensors
With field upgrade packs customized for specific punch materials, the 487 Short Can Sensor is the most capable metal discrimination sensor available, combining ease of use and flexibility in a single package … more

Short Can Sensors

short can sensors
Sencon's unique metal discriminating Short Can Sensors are designed specifically for can-on-punch (short can) detection on DWI can bodymakers … more

Can-on-Mandrel Sensors

can on mandrel sensor
Can-on-mandrel sensors are specially designed to remove the primary cause of false trips, missed blow-offs and bright cans on coating and decorating machines … more

Die Protection (Cup Drop) Sensors

die protection sensors
Sencon’s unique Die Protection Sensors are custom designed to perform effectively and reliably in cupping presses, ensuring that all cups have dropped and cleared the die area … more

High Performance Sensors

high performance sensors
High performance sensors are designed for applications where crisp response and repeatability are crucial… more