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Can Count Sensor

Counting cans is notoriously difficult and is beyond the ability of standard inductive or optical sensors. The round shape of a can, coupled with the inherent shaking, jiggling and reversing of cans that occurs on the line lead to serious counting errors. And an inaccurate count is often worse than no count at all.

All these problems are eliminated with Sencon’s can count sensors, which are designed exclusively to achieve highly accurate and reliable counts on canmaking lines. Sencon sensors allow precise monitoring of production and/or spoilage data with 100% confidence.

  • benefits
  • Unparalleled Accuracy
  • Unidirectional Sensing
  • Continuous Reliability
  • Divided Output Option

Unparalleled Accuracy

Sencon’s famous count accuracy is possible thanks to their custom microchip design and Sencon’s own advanced sensing technology. Quoted count accuracies of 30 per 1,000,000 have been bettered in many installations.

Unidirectional Sensing

By intelligently sensing the direction of can flow, those cans that bounce or are pushed back in the reverse direction are never counted twice. Even cans shaking and jiggling in front of the sensor do not create a miscount.

Continuous Reliability

By eliminating the need for user adjustments or maintenance, these sensors provide a ‘fit and forget’ approach to can counting. Sencon’s dual head models also eliminate installation problems associated with achieving the correct sensing distance when cans are loosely contained in trackwork.

Divided Output Option

Built-in circuitry allows the option to give a divided output with an almost even mark space ratio. This provides a near perfect square wave for interfacing to displays and other equipment.

Special Counting Application

By expanding the use of our counting technology, Sencon offers can end counting sensors capable of counting in ‘stick form’. In addition, counting sensors for small diameter or low profile cans, and for rolled sheet stock are also available. Other options include anti-jitter modules for processing signal outputs for a wide range of counting applications.