Area Mass Sensors

AMS300 / 600 / 1200 / 2400

unique sensors which have revolutionized mass conveyor control on canmaking lines

  • Cupping Press Modulation
  • Stable Conveyor Conditions
  • Conveyor Pressure Control
area mass sensor for oily applications
AMS300, AMS600 for oily environments
area mass sensor for washdown apps
AMS1200 for ‘wash-down’ applications

Stable Conveyor Conditions

Conveyor stability is vital for today’s lightweight cans and high speed machinery. The AMS enables complete control, creating optimum conveyor conditions and accumulation space as well as minimum can pressure.

Cupping Press Modulation

The AMS monitors cup accumulation on the cupping press discharge or distribution conveyor. The AMS analog output is used to regulate the cupping press’ variable speed drive, adjusting the rate of press strokes based on cup demand.

Conveyor Pressure Control

conveyor pressure control with area mass sensorThis is accomplished by varying conveyor speed relative to fill level. When full, the conveyor should run at machine rate, creating no excess can pressure. However, as the conveyor empties, the speed should increase. Thus, when recovering from an empty-out situation, conveyor speed is at a maximum, reducing transit and refill times and adding precious seconds into line efficiency.