Products for Aerosol and Tube Making

Area Mass Sensors

area mass sensor
Sencon’s unique Area Mass Sensors have revolutionized mass conveyor control for canmaking lines … more

Can Counting Sensors

can count sensors
Unique designs, specially developed for canmaking applications to give unparalleled accuracy and reliability … more

Linear Mass Sensors

linear mass sesnors
Sencon’s unique and versatile Linear Mass Sensor has revolutionized speed control for canmaking lines … more

temperature logger for monobloc cans, caps and tubes

coating thickness gauge
Specially designed for small pin chain ovens … more

Coatings Thickness Gauge

coating thickness gauge
The coating thickness gauge gives rapid and accurate digital assessment of coating thickness / film weight on metal packaging, offering the very best in functionality, ease of use and world class performance … more

probe for Coating Thickness measurement on formed tubes

hoverprobe for coatings thickness measurement
Sencon’s range of probes to accompany the coating thickness gauge are designed for maximum ease of use and accuracy of results with flat sheets, formed cans, narrow tubes and aerosols… more

Label Verifier for aerosol cans

label verifier
Label Verifier detects and rejects aerosol cans with upside down labeling or gross decoration defects … more

Semi-Automatic Enamel Rater

semi-automatic enamel rater
Sencon's enamel rater is the industry leading gauge for assessing lacquer integrity. Advanced electronics and self-protection features, durable design plus practical operation reduce errors and ensure product quality … more

superstand for enamel rating outsize cans

digital enamel rater
For enamel rating metal packaging products with narrow necks, large base diameters or low profiles. Also available with an adapter for enamel rating crown closures … more