• Reduce lacquer waste
  • Improve product quality
  • Compatible with most guns
  • Adjustable, high resolution timers
  • Multi-sized packages
  • Rapid payback

Reduce Lacquer Waste

The specialized switching system significantly reduces variations in solenoid reaction times, resulting in more uniform film weights. This enables control limits to be set to minimum required levels with no loss of quality or consistency.

Compatible with Most Guns

New ‘dual voltage’ spray timer systems have adjustable solenoid drivers, providing complete power matching and compatibility with most DC powered spray guns (up to 40 Watt). New ‘dual current’ options are also available for the control of the most advanced spray guns.

Adjustable, High Resolution Timers

Our 3-digit timers allow spray sequences from 1 to 999 milliseconds or 0.1 to 99.9 milliseconds. An external clock input is also provided for machine based timing.

Multi-sized Packages

Sencon offers control packages ranging from 2 to 8 spray guns, either in panel mount form or complete with enclosure (larger systems and multiple front panels are available). Modular construction makes for simple and easy maintenance or repair.

Rapid Payback

This is possible due to the volume of lacquer that these high performance systems can handle, and on their ability to reduce waste.