products for beverage (2pc) canmaking

Bodymaker Control Modules

bodymaker control
Sencon's Bodymaker Control Module provides superb and reliable control capabilities to any wall ironing bodymaker on a range of punch materials, including ceramics and nickel based carbides … more

Short Can Sensor with Punch Discrimination

short can sensors
With field upgrade packs customized for specific punch materials, the 487 Short Can Sensor is the most capable metal discrimination sensor available, combining ease of use and flexibility in a single package … more

Short Can Sensors

short can sensors
Sencon's unique metal discriminating Short Can Sensors are designed specifically for can-on-punch (short can) detection on DWI can bodymakers … more

Can-on-Mandrel Sensors

can on mandrel sensor
Can-on-mandrel sensors are specially designed to remove the primary cause of false trips, missed blow-offs and bright cans on coating and decorating machines … more

Die Protection (Cup Drop) Sensors

die protection sensors
Sencon’s unique Die Protection Sensors are custom designed to perform effectively and reliably in cupping presses, ensuring that all cups have dropped and cleared the die area … more

High Performance Sensors

high performance sensors
High performance sensors are designed for applications where crisp response and repeatability are crucial… more

Spray Verifier

Spray Verifier gives
spray verifer
direct optical verification of internal spray on beverage cans, detecting coating errors that gun monitoring systems cannot see… more

Mis-Spray Detector

Mis-spray Detector gives
can mis-spray sensor
100% inspection of internal spray applications, eliminating unsprayed cans or cans with a significantly unsprayed area … more

Spray Timing Systems

spray timer
The specialized spray timing switching system significantly reduces variations in solenoid reaction times, resulting in more uniform film weights … more

Spray Timing Upgrades

spray timer upgrade
For accurately driving modern spray guns … more

high speed solenoid drivers

spray timer upgrade
Fast, dependable, repeatable operation reduces inaccuracies and waste in critical process control applications … more

Temperature Logging systems for Pin & IBO/OBO Ovens

IBO oven logge rkit
Just one oven logger all 2pc ovens. SmartCan™ is easy to use and measures internal coating cure profiles in pin and belt ovens during normal production at production speed … more

Universal Light Tester Package (ULTP)

upgrade to light tester
Over 90% of RT5 & RT6 light testers across Europe and the United States have benefited from the Sencon upgrade (ULTP). LED upgrades now available … more

Label Verifier

mixed label detector / label verifier
Label Verifier is a high performance, low cost vision system designed to detect and reject cans with incorrect labels on 2pc beverage can lines, which can also act as an entry level deco-inspector … more

Auto Enamel Rater

auto coatings gauge
Sencon's automatic enamel raters are the most widely used quality assurance gauge on beverage can lines worldwide. … more

Auto coatings gauge

auto coatings gauge
A highly flexible, expandable and cost effective solution for precise measurement of coating thickness and distribution. Gives you the ability to optimize coatings usage without compromising safety or incurring excessive labor costs … more

Auto Back End Gauge

can master / back end gauge
Automatic, non-contact measurement of dimensional aspects of finished beverage cans … more

Semi-automatic Back End Gauge

Dome Reform Gauge for beverage cans
Non-contact measurement of dimensional aspects of finished beverage cans … more

Dome Reform Gauge

Dome Reform Gauge for beverage cans
A unique gauge which provides complete, reliable and detailed scanning of the dome reform feature on beverage cans … more

axial load tester

Axial Load Gauge for beverage cans
Measures the maximum axial load which can be applied to a beverage can before deformation … more

Buckle Tester with Dome Growth Gauge

Dome Reversal Gauge for beverage cans
Measures the pressure required to reverse the dome on a beverage can, with dome growth measurement option … more

Coating Thickness Gauge

coating thickness gauge and with probes
The coating thickness gauge gives rapid and accurate digital assessment of coating thickness / film weight on metal packaging, offering the very best in functionality, ease of use and world class performance … more

probe for formed can Coating Thickness measurement

Probe for coatings thickness measurement on formed beverage cans
Sencon’s range of probes to accompany the coating thickness gauge are designed for maximum ease of use and accuracy of results with flat sheets, formed cans, narrow tubes and aerosols… more

Semi-Automatic Enamel Rater

enamel rater
Sencon's enamel rater is the industry leading gauge for assessing lacquer integrity. Advanced electronics and self-protection features, durable design plus practical operation reduce errors and ensure product quality … more

Can stands for enamel rating

digital enamel rater
A range of can stands is available to suit various can types; in combination with the Semi-auto Enamel Rater they all offer maximum flexibility and ease of maintenance with features such as auto level check and contact check circuits. … more

superstand for enamel rating outsize cans

digital enamel rater
For enamel rating metal packaging products with narrow necks, large base diameters or low profiles. Also available with an adapter for enamel rating crown closures … more