• Suitable for use with 12 or 24 Volt DC solenoids of up to 40 Watt
  • Trigger inputs are sink or source selectable
  • 14 Volt power rail and inhibit input provided
  • Three different driver boards available to fit a wide range of applications
  • Adjustable pick-up time from 5 to 35 ms
  • Adjustable hold voltage from 5 to 17 VDC

Dual Voltage Lacquer Spray Timer (LST-XX -DV)

This system is a direct replacement for the original LST-xx-30. The system accurately times and operates inside lacquer spray solenoids. It will drive up to 40 Watt DC solenoids, using dual voltage driving techniques for faster turn-on and turn-off.

Dual Current Lacquer Spray Timer (LST-XX -DI)

This system, which can also be used as a direct replacement for the old Sencon LST-xx-3, is designed to drive the most advanced spray guns, including the latest MEG™ guns. Even if you are only considering future investment in MEG™ guns, this upgrade will drive the existing solenoids until the new guns are installed. A simple internal adjustment is all that is required to switch between traditional and the more advanced gun designs.