High Performance Sensors

9/11-X5X-03 series

for applications where crisp response and repeatability are crucial

  • Thermally-stabilized
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Optimized for aluminum detection
  • Zero-Drift stability
  • Fast response time
  • Low differential travel
  • Static-safe, uninterrupted processing
  • Optional enhanced outputs

Sencon’s High Performance Sensors are specially designed metal sensing devices which are ideal for highly demanding machine control applications in canmaking machines such as bodymakers, printers, spray machines and neckers.

All High Performance Sensors are equipped with both source (PNP) and sink (NPN) outputs, and are supplied complete with the required mounting nuts.

The 9/11-352-xx series sensors are encased in stainless steel threaded pipe with an injection-molded sensing tip. The 9/11-251-xx series sensors are encased in an all-metal housing with a plastic end sensing tip.

High Performance Sensor Selection Guide
Sensing Range: wall ironed aluminum Sensing Range:
wall ironed steel
Integral Cable Quick Release Sensor
0.250 + 0.05”
6.35mm +1.3mm
0.300 + 0.05”
7.62mm +1.3mm
0.250 + 0.05”
6.35mm +1.3mm
0.300 + 0.05”
7.62mm +1.3mm
0.325 + 0.025”
8.25mm +0.64mm
0.450 + 0.025”
11.43mm +.64mm