Can on Mandrel Sensors

11-2XX-03-P5 series

removes the main cause of false trips, missed blow offs and bright cans

  • Reduce Stoppages
  • Better System Control
  • Rugged Construction
  • Complete & Compatible

Reduce Stoppages

Can on mandrel sensor on Ruthe4rford decoraterIf electrical discharge occurs between a can and a Can-on-mandrel Sensor, it interrupts the sensor output signal which may cause false tripping (a missing can signal when the can is actually present) and other control errors which cause stoppages on coating and decorating machines. Sencon -P5 metal discrimination sensors prevent this by always sending a 12ms output pulse.

Better System Control

These models have all the proven benefits of Sencon’s high performance sensors, plus the fast response times and unrivaled positive discrimination between mandrel and can materials which is needed to ensure correct operation of the control system.

Rugged Construction

All Sencon metal discriminating sensors are fully encapsulated in non-hygroscopic materials, and are highly resistant to shock, vibration, coolant oils and humidity.

Complete and Compatible

All 200 Series metal discriminating sensors are equipped with both source (PNP) and sink (NPN) outputs, and are supplied complete with mounting nuts.

pulse timing  diagram
Best case sensing for 12ms 'pulse stretcher' and 12ms 'one shot' sensors

can-on-mandrel sensor selection

Can material




On steel mandrel



On carbide mandrel


Aluminum and Steel

Damaged can